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Craft, Soul and Tradition

Our bags combine the heritage of traditional Italian craftsmanship with the ease that surrounds the "Dolce Vita" lifestyle. This lifestyle inspires the design, aesthetics and philosophy of KAGINO to create models that will accompany you for time to come.

From our clients

I love my little KAGINO family. I have bags in different sizes and colors – the perfect companion for every occasion. They go wonderfully with different looks and activities no matter whether leisure, travel or business. I look forward to more models.

Stephanie, L.
Stuttgart, Germany

KAGINO embodies high design qualities such as craftsmanship, elegance and functionality. I have been a loyal customer for many years because they always bring me joy and kind compliments.

Lillian, N.
Cham, Switzerland

I am absolutely thrilled with my KAGINO bags. They are so much more than just an accessory - they tell stories of master craftsmanship and loving details. What's more, the quality is absolutely exceptional. They are my faithful companions that go with everything, always and everywhere. And the customer service? Absolutely top – fast, courteous, always on point.

Katja L.
Munich, Germany

The attention to detail and the quality of workmanship at KAGINO are unsurpassed. I use my three KAGINO bags and of course the wallet every day and love them!

Katarina V.
Vienna, Austria

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked about the brand of my KAGINO bag. The elegant yet innovative design strikes the perfect balance between professional and unique.

Kerstin G.
Hamburg, Germany

I am a big fan of KAGINO's elegant and unique design and I love the precise workmanship quality of KAGINO. The leather is very high quality and I love the colors. I often receive compliments when I wear one of their luxury bags.

Thea V.
Nuernberg, Germany

Lucia is a great everyday bag for both day and night occasions. I love that it can be worn both as a crossbody or shoulder bag. Highly recommended!

Phuong, N.
Melbourne, Australia

I am a fan of the beautiful design with the high quality and already have several bags. I like the colors so much and especially the contrasting lining. I am often asked about the bags.

Tina, W.
Hamburg, Germany

I have two KAGINO bags and also love my well-organized KAGINO purse in light blue. If I had to name my absolute favorite for years, yes - it would be the GABRIELLA. It is perfect for me in everyday life. The onehand zip always allows me to have one hand free and everything is immediately stored safely and securely. For me it is a space miracle despite its small size. Whether at a business appointment as a second bag, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life or of course in the evening - it shines with its details - also very elegantly at a concert. My favorite.

Regina, F.
Freiburg, Germany

For me, KAGINO products embody timeless, simple elegance. The colors and designs are very timeless and I really like that. I would love to have them all!

Anne, G.
Essen, Germany

I always buy my wife a KAGINO bag for her birthday or Christmas. We're well on our way to completing the whole collection. Thus far, she's always been thrilled with each addition, and it brings me great joy to see her happy with her new bag.

Jason, Y.
Locarno Switzerland