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My Story

In the German-Italian family in which I grew up, leather craftsmanship has been deeply rooted for generations. My grandfather was a talented shoemaker and my great-grandfather was already dedicated to the craft as a bag maker in Italy. It is thanks to him that we have a very special tradition in our family. In the Giordano family, it is not watches or jewelry that are passed on to the next generation - but bags. And we are lucky to still have a few of my great-grandfather's unique pieces in very good condition.

I was probably drawn to the creative industry because of my family background. After completing a degree in design, I worked for several years in the design departments of prestigious bag manufacturers.

But after graduating, my thirst for knowledge about the production and processing of high-quality leather was far from quenched. That's why I decided to study intensively at a renowned monastic leather workshop in Florence. There, the traditional art of bag-making is still taught at first hand.

Combining craftsmanship and tradition - that's what KAGINO stands for. When I moved to the Swiss city of Zug, I took the plunge to continue the family history and launched the KAGINO atelier label in 2015. A piece of family and origin can always be found in KAGINO. That's why I have dedicated each bag model to a family member.

With my designs I reveal my personality & my thoughts. The KAGINO style is Crafted Emotion - it should reflect who you are and where you are going.

Founder & Designer, Katrin Giordano

KAGINO Factory

Our KAGINO products are manufactured with the utmost care 100% in Italian workshops - in traditional businesses that pass on the craft from generation to generation. The selection of our manufacturers is subject to a thorough examination. The production of a KAGINO bag requires a great deal of experience and a keen instinct. An employee usually needs five years or even longer to master the necessary manufacturing techniques at the highest level. 

In cooperation with the selected workshops, KAGINO designs are manufactured in up to 130 individual steps. Each element receives special attention with regard to its function. Finally, each bag is checked to ensure our quality standards.

We appreciate the precision and dedication with which our products are created by experienced hands. Every model that leaves the workshop reflects the meticulous approach for which Italian craftsmanship is renowned.

Handmade with love


a Material with Character

For KAGINO, we source the finest calfskin from an over 100 year old tannery in Tuscany, Italy. The skins are treated, dyed and finished according to our specific requirements. The result is a smooth and pleasantly soft surface with a subtle matt finish.

The elaborate production process for our leather takes around 30 days. Every single stage is carried out with the utmost attention to quality - from the careful selection of the leather hides to the final inspection.

Signature - Attention to Detail

Clean lines and the essence of Italian craftsmanship are what make KAGINO so unique. We are convinced that true elegance is shown in the dedication to detail. 

All KAGINO bags feature shiny polished metal details with a gold finish. Each piece is tested for durability and smooth functionality to ensure that the product closes perfectly even after long use.

Internal - It's the
inner Values that count

The precise workmanship of the bags is not just limited to their external appearance, but is also reflected inside the KAGINO bags. The inside of a KAGINO is always kept in a sophisticated fuchsia tone and is complemented by refined leather details.

The choice of color goes beyond mere aesthetics and carries a symbolic meaning. In early history, fuchsia was associated with exclusivity, elegance and power. For a long time, only kings or clergymen wore the precious dyed fabrics due to the laborious extraction of the dye.

With KAGINO, you always carry value and a piece of history with you.

Because we care

At KAGINO, our aim is to design a bag that will give pleasure for years to come.
Our sustainability philosophy is a quest for timeless elegance, long-lasting quality and conscious material selection.

Our Responsibility in the choice of Materials

We attach great importance to ensuring that our leather not only meets our high quality standards, but is also responsibly sourced. 

The leather we use comes from the food industry and is processed in a tannery in Tuscany that is over 100 years old. The quality of our leather depends largely on the welfare of the animals - an aspect to which we pay particular attention.

Our tannery has a certified accreditation with the Silver medal level of the Leather Working Group (LWG). This certification ensures that our tannery complies with the industry's environmental practices and is constantly working to continuously improve its processes.

Responsibility of our Design

Before we decide to launch a KAGINO bag on the market, we always ask ourselves whether it offers real added value for our customers. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that our designs are timeless and that the choice of colors is independent of current trends. Our aim is to ensure that every bag we create has a market and that there is no overproduction.

We also strive to minimize waste and make additional accessories from leftover pieces.

At KAGINO we respect the fact that quality takes time. We do not aim for mass production, but instead focus on exclusive small runs. Many of our items therefore sell out quickly and re-production takes time due to our elaborate production methods.

Made to Last

Our mission is to create products that leave a lasting impression not only today, but also in the future. That's why we do everything we can to create extremely robust and durable designs.

To keep KAGINO bags looking flawless, we offer our customers detailed care instructions and a fresh-up service.